About Us

China Direct Partners was established in 2005. Since that time we have been working with a range of firms in China, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the U.S.A. across a broad range of business opportunities and locations.


Gary Dickinson is our President based in Asia. He has been working in China since the 1990. He was the CEO and founder of a successful technology firm, StarComm, and an executive recruitment firm, Chiron. Gary co founded China Direct Partners with a vision of providing a bridge between east and west, and helping firms on either side of cultural boundaries find ways to understand each other and create good business opportunities.


Rachel is one of our consultants based in Changsha. She graduated with a law degree and has experience in trademark establishment, patents, joint ventures, and capital raising.


Lucy is one of our consultants based in Shanghai. She graduated with a commerce degree and has worked extensively with China Direct Partners in establishing trade agreements between Chinese and Western clients.