We all know that ideas combine with skills, networks, and capital to create value. Accordingly in the Asian century, increasing affluence and government sponsored structural change is creating many new opportunities for growth. We work with organisations and people in Australia, with good intellectual property, and we find ways to tap into the huge market potential that exists in China and Asia. We work hard to realise that potential through our investments in a full time presence in Asia and a rigourous data driven approach to business.


We provide services both here and in Asia to help firms capitalise on the growth opportunities.

Our services include:

- Market research and strategy development.

- Partner selection, negotiation, and the establishment of supply chains and distribution models.

- We help establish Asian operations including human resource management.

Project Examples

CDP-Asia has supported the creation of a new technology company in China combining western intellectual property with Chinese distribution and services.

CDP-Asia supported fund raising for a large listed Asian retail company. We helped transform that business through the development of an on-line platform for reaching western markets.

CDP-Asia has worked with a mining services firm to find and form a joint venture in mainland China.

Why Us?

Asia presents a range of unique challenges and nothing can replace experience, cultural awareness, and connection with people and businesses there.
We have a full time presence in both Asia and Australia, and our two managing partners have over 30 years on the ground experience, from the factory towns through to the major cities.
Our partners have extensive commercial experience both in the corporate and private sector.
All of this delivers one powerful thing - harmony - the proper alignment between your business objectives and the realities of doing business in Asia.